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Transformative Care: Treating the Whole Body to Uncover the Root Cause of Pain and Dysfunction

We treat the pelvis, because it is the center of the body, and an area not to be overlooked. The reason why we treat the pelvis is because we are relentless in addressing the needs of the whole body.

You see, many times, the health care model focuses only on the symptoms that bring a patient in, and addresses that only, without taking a whole body, whole person lens. We are driven to help our clients determine the true drivers of the issues that bring them in, and address those, to help an issue truly resolve, for good.

Here are some highlights as to HOW we actually can do that at Pelvic Path:

  • Deep Listening: From the first phone call with our staff, one can experience that we are different in the WAY we speak. We don’t just want to know what bothers you today, then your name and date of birth. We need to know about YOU, WHY this issue bothers you, HOW it affects your life, and what your internal motivation is to address it. Why? Because fixing an issue at the root cause isn’t ever as easy as popping a pill. We know we will be cheering you on and holding you accountable, and we have to really connect with each individual to do that.
  • Whole Body Approach: Yes, all of our staff treat the pelvis, and the muscles of the pelvic floor. But, we are also all Orthopedic Physical Therapists, meaning, we treat everything, from the neck to the foot. Why is this so important? Because the whole body is connected. And time and time again, we find that the root cause of someone’s issue is not where they are pointing on their body chart.
  • Individual Treatment: Everyone is different. That is what makes it fun for us! If we are going to truly address root causes of issues in the body, we need to give our clients the individual attention and care they need to do that. That means- no quick and rushed treatment sessions, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere at the clinic, all the equipment and space that is required, and a therapist who will partner with you with 100% dedication and commitment.

Here are some examples of patients who met their goals with our whole body approach:

  • Urinary Leakage: A cross fit athlete leaks doing double unders. It turns out, her head is too far forward, which throws off her mechanics, and places too much load on her pelvic floor. To fix her forward head, we have to adjust how she clocks in hours of her day working at the computer.
  • Pain with Intercourse: A woman has pain with insertion during intercourse. The pelvic floor muscles are tight. Because we asked during her initial intake, it turns out she also has pain in her TMJ and neck. We asked because we see this all the time. She doesn’t get consistent resolution of her pain until we address her neck and jaw as well. Turns out, the neck and jaw was bothering her as well, so she is pleased with the outcome.
  • Neck pain: A patient is referred to PT by her Chiropractor for stability exercises, because her neck keeps “going out” despite frequent adjustments. We partner with her Chiropractor and help with strengthening and posture, and let the Chiropractor only do her neck adjustments. Her neck “goes out” during the course of PT, and with deep questioning, we are able to help her identify that it goes out during times of stress. In particular, when she feels threatened and unsafe, and doesn’t speak up for herself. She cries in relief to understand this, and tells us the issue is with her third chakra. This makes sense, although we were just being present, reflecting back, and using our methodology of deep listening, as described above.

Here is the thing. Our PT’s are very experienced. We have worked in clinics where we don’t have the time or environment to treat in this capacity. We were ready for something different. Pelvic Path is something different. And it is our honor and privilege to partner with our clients and offer a service that is truly life changing for those that we serve.


Dr. Marci Silverberg

MPT, PPCES- Owner and Founder

We help people feel confident and strong so they can return to the activities they love without leaking, pain or heaviness

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