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Postpartum Recovery

Are You On The Lookout For A "Postpartum Recovery Specialist" In The Marin Or Sonoma Counties?

Are You Facing Postpartum Concerns?

Don’t compromise on your desired lifestyle when these issues can be resolved.

A Message From Marci Silverberg, MPT, PPCES, Owner and Founder

If you’ve responded “Yes” to any of these inquiries, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place!

Countless individuals endure needless postpartum pain because they frequently receive the following advice:

However, knowing that pills, surgery, and injections aren’t the sole solutions is essential. They might be the only options your doctor or surgeon can present, but alternative paths exist.

The Truth Is...

Deciding what to do about postpartum concerns and recovery can be confusing. You might have heard numerous options, such as…

With all these conflicting suggestions, the decision-making process becomes daunting. The fear of making the wrong choice can lead to procrastination, leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied for prolonged periods, sometimes even years, without taking action.

The overwhelming number of options and differing opinions can indeed be paralyzing. Many people are stuck, unable to decide on the best action for their situation. As they continue to deliberate, the weight of their choices grows heavier, affecting their emotional well-being and overall happiness.

When Addressing Significant Issues Like Postpartum Pain And Concerns…

Selecting the right healthcare provider is crucial. Making the wrong choice could result in unnecessary and risky surgeries or long-term dependence on addictive pain medications. Alternatively, you might end up simply enduring the pain when there’s a viable solution nearby.

Prioritizing the “least-invasive” and most natural treatments is essential for overcoming postpartum pain effectively and preventing its recurrence. It also plays a vital role in resolving common postpartum concerns experienced by mothers worldwide.

To achieve this, it’s not enough to merely address the symptoms. Instead, it’s essential to have a provider willing to delve into the root cause of the issue. Doing so increases the likelihood of finding a permanent and lasting solution to your postpartum problems.

At Pelvic Path Physical Therapy, We Have Developed A Comprehensive 3-Step Process To Alleviate Your Postpartum Pain And Ensure Its Long-Term Resolution.


We understand the frustrations of the medical system. Waiting for weeks or months for an appointment, only to have a brief 10-minute conversation with the doctors before they rush to the next patient, can be disheartening and bewildering.

Sadly, many pelvic floor physical therapy clinics follow this fast-paced, inattentive approach. At Pelvic Path, things are different. We take the time to listen and truly understand your unique story. Your concerns and experiences matter to us, and we believe that addressing your pain effectively begins with compassionate and attentive care. Unlike other clinics, we prioritize hands-on assessment, examining and addressing the areas causing discomfort or concern.


Many individuals receive a medical diagnosis or term to explain the issues they are experiencing. Whether it was given by a doctor, identified through medical tests, or found online, it provides some clarity. However, they might have been advised to rest, rely on medications, or even consider surgery their only option.

While these approaches can offer temporary relief, they often fail to address the underlying cause of the problem.

At Pelvic Path Physical Therapy, we recognize that each person’s postpartum pain or concerns stem from a unique set of factors. No two individuals experience precisely the same issue due to the same reasons.

Our primary objective is to identify the original cause of your postpartum issue, ensuring its resolution and long-term prevention.

We understand that you might be apprehensive or uncertain whether physical therapy is the right solution for your pelvic pain. If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us below. We’d be more than happy to discuss your concerns and determine if we are the best fit for your needs!


This is the stage where significant transformations take place. We create a personalized plan that empowers you to:

…Regain the ability to exercise and enjoy intimate moments without fearing the return of pain or postpartum issues.

…Resume your daily activities and stop missing out on precious moments with your family, as postpartum concerns no longer hold you back.

…Rediscover the strong, confident pre-baby body you once loved, feeling empowered and self-assured again.

Our most successful clients are motivated and eager to reclaim their active lifestyle, even if they feel stuck.

If you want to learn more about our availability and costs before committing to a visit. Feel free to inquire below; we’ll happily provide you with the information you need.

You need not compromise the activities you love, your self-confidence, or the meaningful relationships you cherish due to fixable problems.


Marci Silverberg, MPT, PPCES, Owner and Founder

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